Pause if interrupted by phone-call

Feature description:

I would like an option, so that, if while listening to music, the app gets paused due to a phone call, it stays paused after the call is over.

Brought benefits:

I sometimes may remove my headphones to speak on the phone, so the music starts playing from the loudspeaker afterwards.

Other application solutions:

Poweramp has an option for this as well.

This requires permissions that I do no want to add.

What I do do eventually is an option to make audio focus loss permanent so no auto play when focus is regained.

i find it a useful feature, but if you think it shouldn’t be added, that’s alright!

That’s not what I said, I said it requires a permission that is invasive and proposed an alternative.

The alternative would do mostly the same but for any long focus loss not only calls.

i must misunderstood your first response, then. sorry!

If it is possible to be implemented in the alternative way you mentioned, for my use case, i think it would be alright.