Password Manager support for backup password

Feature description:

I’m not sure which flag you may need to add to the password field, but it would be useful to have support for password managers when inserting a password for the backup.

Usually, when you tap on a password field, a popup would show if you would like to fill the field with a password manager, but in Symfonium case it does not happen.

Problem solved:

No autofill from password mansger support in the password field when doing a backup.

Brought benefits:

Avoid to open first the password manager to copy in the clipboard the password when doing a Symfonium backup.

Other application solutions:



Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


Compose still does not have a proper autofill support and while some password managers seemed to have found a way to still work, many can’t.

We are still waiting for official support that is in focus from Google since a very long time.