Passkey w different email

Hi! the email I use for this forum is intentionally different from the email I use for Google Accounts that store my Passkey.

This is the error I get after I create my Passkey on my device:

It’s good to see the push towards Passkeys but I have to admit, we are going through some serious growing pains - it is hardly turnkey at least 50% of the sites I’ve tried it on. It also perplexes me why I am asked to create a password & not a Passkey in the first place - isn’t the point to prevent the creation of insecure passwords in the first place? ok - in done ranting :slight_smile:

on the brighter side of things, this particular forum platform looks pretty nice at first glance! we’ve come a long ways from phpbb!

I don’t have the option to move this thread from Tips & Tricks. probably belongs in “support” :slight_smile: