Original Release Date Sorting Improvements

Feature description:

Currently, the artist view only allows for sorting by year instead of original release date which can be sorted in the album list view. Request is to add the original release date sort option to the artist view.

Another improvement would be to fallback on “Year” when sorting by original release date if the tag does not exist. Currently, albums without the original release date tag fall to the bottom of the list when sorting this way instead of just sliding into the same year.

Problem solved:

Brings continuity between the artist view page and album view page with sorting mechanisms.

Falling back on “year” when missing original release date tags allows the functionality to still work properly when then is some sort of “year” tag available.

Brought benefits:

This should be a fairly standard functionality when using date sorting.

Other application solutions:

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Additional description and context:

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Screenshots / Mockup:


Fallback to another possibly unrelated field are bad as it gives unpredictable result for the user.
This is probably a better request for navidrome to fallback on other fields to be returned as original dates. @deluan?

May be unnecessary. My thought was it was needed because originaldate is note a compatible APEv2 tag but looks like these are somehow still working. If I find a reason for it, then I can bring that up for a potential server improvement.

So we can just pare this feature request down to Improvements to the artist view sorting.