Opus Replay Gain (R128) is quieter than the one is other problems REPLAYGAIN => make it even

Feature description:

Technically, Symfonium is doing things right, that’s why I wrote this as a feature request and not an issue.

It’s well known that the R128 standard is 5dB quieter than the most common replay gain implementation.
It’s explained by various websites but I think it’s best explaiened here: GitHub - complexlogic/rsgain: A simple, but powerful ReplayGain 2.0 tagging utility

A lot of players, to make the experience consistent, add artificially loudness to opus files so their perceived loudness matches other file types. I think it’s best explained here:
Auxio on Android just added it: Releases · OxygenCobalt/Auxio · GitHub
Foobar has always done it and it’s discussed here: Opus 'output gain' seems to be set incorrectly , among other threads

Could you change Symfonium to make loudness even? Or at least add a toggle for it? Switching from an opus file to a mp3 file is really painful ATM.

If you agree to add this feature, let me know if you want sample files.

Problem solved:

Problem is that all songs don’t have the same loudness if they are in different formats, which completely defeats the purpose of Replay Gain.

Brought benefits:

The perceived loudness will be the same for every file

Other application solutions:

Auxio: music: fix opus replaygain interpretation · OxygenCobalt/Auxio@07a9802 · GitHub



Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


I can add a setting to normalize between RG2 and EBU.

Please provide some sample files.

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Here you go: https://send.vis.ee/download/6b3038c88f57bd33/#pi11dZ7kWpDayUmSx6qnNQ
Here are the tags according to MP3TAG:
R128_ALBUM_GAIN -3423
R128_TRACK_GAIN -3461


Note: I have this setting in foobar, if it matters for general compatibility: https://i.imgur.com/uddbmX6.png

(I quickly checked on my phone and I can confirm the flac file sounds louder)