Option to swap favourite button for 5 star rating button

Feature description:

This is based on a feature from Plexamp.

Since Plex, annoyingly, doesn’t provide the option to favourite songs, but does alternatively give you the option to only show a single star as a rating, it would be nice to have the option to swap out the favourite button in the now playing screen for a star button which, once checked, will act the same as rating a song 5 stars, similar to the same feature in Plexamp.

Problem solved:

Due to the lack of favouriting in Plex, I am only going to use the star rating feature as a way to counteract that. Having the current option to show the user rating bar in the now playing screen works just fine and does the job, but since I’m only ever going to pressing the fifth star or removing all stars, it does begin to take up more room than it’s worth, as much as I often find myself accidentally pressing the user ratings bar without knowing, changing the rating and effectively “unfavouriting” the song.

Brought benefits:

Apart from adding an effective replacement to favouriting for Plex users, since the current user ratings bar has the possibility to not fit properly on smaller screens, if the bottom section where the shuffle and repeat buttons are don’t have the same “fitting properly” problem then this can also be a work around to that as well (at least to an extent)

Other application solutions:

In Plexamp, they give you the option to choose how you want to rate songs (5 stars, 5 stars with half stars, or 1 star (acting as favouriting which rates the song 5 stars))

Screenshots / Mockup:

Sorry can’t offer that this way as it would not always properly translate to other providers and have high impacts on the rest of the app since favorites and ratings have different meanings and impacts for all the personal mixes.

What I can propose is a Plex provider specific toggle that would enable a conversion mode a little like Plex Amp.

So when you favorite in Symfonium for Symfonium it’s a favorite but the internal engine push a full 5 star. And same during sync the 5 stars are converted to favorite in Symfonium.
That would do mostly the same, but from Symfonium POV you’d be using favorites.

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