Option to set preference for lyrics between embedded and external

Feature description:

An option in the settings which will allow to set a preference or toggle between embedded and external lyrics.

Problem solved:

I have a ton of music files which have plain text embedded lyrics. On a later date I had used a 3rd party app that added synced lyrics to all my songs in the form of external lrc files alongside the flac files. Now I noticed that symfonium is showing me the embedded lyrics only. It would be nice if there was a setting to toggle between the two.

Brought benefits:

Option to toggle between embedded and external lyrics.

Other application solutions:

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What provider do you use ?

The embedded lyrics were in the file by default on download. The external lyrics were fetched using an external program called LRCGET on windows.

That’s not the question :slight_smile:

What provider do you configure in Symfonium?

Sorry my bad,
I’m using Plex

Please provide logs then when starting a media. Sync lyrics should always be priorised.

Are you sure you rescanned your media on Plex and that Plex shows the external files?

I once again refreshed the media on Plex and also checked plexamp which does show me the synced lyrics. But the same song when played on symfonium does not display the external synced lyrics. I’ve uploaded the logs from within the app entering my nickname ‘everything13’

Hum from the logs Symfonium does see the timed lyrics and request them and should use them :frowning:

Can you upload one of the file from the logs + the lrc file too so I can try to reproduce ?


I have uploaded the .flac and also the external .lrc file at the above link.
I am using the latest beta version of symfonium. Also, I was able to replicate this issue using another android device running the beta version as well and connected to the same plex server

Hum I’m properly getting the synced ones.

Did you offline cache the song before adding the lyrics?

Nope, I have no form of offline cache or downloads enabled. I’ll just do some troubleshooting to see if something on my side is causing the issue.

But just coming back to my original feature request, would it be possible to add a toggle to force symfonium to use either the embedded or external lyrics as per user preference?

No it’s not possible, there’s no such distinction from the majority of providers.

Symfonium currently priorize the synced when present.

If something is added is the selection between all of them.

Got it. Thanks for looking into this!
I ended up deleting those albums and re-downloading a version that did not have any embedded lyrics. And then after one library refresh on plex, all is working well as expected, I can see synced lyrics on symfonium!

You know there’s tool to modify the tags easily and replace the internal lyrics with the external ones easily :slight_smile:

Faster than downloading again.

Tried that initially but idk for whatever reason it was not working. So instead of wasting time figuring that out, I just re-downloaded and now I am all set :100: