Option to remember last played device

A handy holdover from Plexamp is the ability, on initial playback, to play on the last-used device, then fall back on the local device.

In my usecase, when I’m at home, Symfonium will look to play to a specific cast device if it’s available. If it’s not available, then it’ll assume I am not home and play on my phone.

This could be achieved one of two ways, I think:
a) Add a ‘default player’ button in the devices menu next to the ‘hide’ button, or
b) Settings toggle to prefer last-used device.


The main problem about that (I have the option in Yatse) are the delays and the abstract notion of start. Timeouts are mostly around 30 seconds to connect to a player.

This means that when you start the app and the renderer is not here there’s 30 seconds without the provider up and you can’t play things, so you obviously have changed the renderer before that.

The abstract notion of start

So I can add an option to keep the last player selected but IMO it’s simpler that it just select it and do not fallback to something else after a delay that in all cases is too long.