Option to hide artist images

Feature description:

I would like an option to hide artist images from Symfonium, especially when viewing the artist detail page that shows the albums and top tracks by an artist.

Problem solved:

I do not use artist images and never will, so every time I visit the artist detail page within Symfonium I see a large blank image template that consumes just over half the screen. I cannot see or tap the albums or tracks by that artist until I scroll down.

I am aware that there is an option to use smaller header images, but that doesn’t solve the problem because:

  1. It still shows me a blank image template because I don’t use artist images
  2. I enjoy having large format album covers, and I want to continue using those.

If it is relevant, I am using navidrome as my media provider.

Brought benefits:

The benefit is that anyone who does not use artist images will not need to see a large empty image template, and will have immediate access to albums and tracks when visiting the artist detail page.

Adding a specific option to hide artist images will allow me to continue using large album images.

Other application solutions:

I have been using Symfonium since it first came out so my memory is rusty on what other music apps do, but I have never wanted to use artist images and I believe my previous music apps had an option to disable them.

Additional description and context:


Screenshots / Mockup:

I have added a screenshot of the artist detail page scrolled to hide the artist image. The page starts with the text of the artist’s name. This is how I would like the artist detail page to appear by default.

This is a screenshot of the artist detail page as it currently exists with a blank image. As you can see, it takes over half the screen and I can’t see or select albums and tracks without scrolling.

Thanks for considering my feature request.

For the record your issue is 100% related to Navidrome as Deluan have decided that every media returns an url for thumbnails even if they do not have one, so for Symfonium you have an artist image and it use the large display. And despite my attempts to explain that it breaks many possible client side things I could not change his mind on this.

On other providers it would switch to small view automatically.

But since Navidrome is currently the most used Subsonic server I’ll see to improve the settings to workaround this.

Hi Tolriq, I just wanted to thank you for implementing my request, which I noticed in the most recent release. The implementation is better than I expected as I’m now able to hide images not just from artists but also from genres and playlists. Thanks again :slight_smile: