Option to hide -10s/+30s buttons or switch positions with previous/next track buttons

Feature description:

I would appreciate an option to hide the -10s/+30s buttons on the now playing screen or, alternatively to make them switch positions with the skip to previous/next track buttons.

Problem solved:

I haven’t yet been able to untrain the muscle memory that the skip track button is not right next to the play button.

Brought benefits:

I haven’t yet come across a player that doesn’t follow this layout of buttons. I think adding this option (or even making this default) would make more people feel more “at home” with Symfonium and maybe lead to more users.

Other application solutions:

Retro Music, Spotify, Deezer, Samsung Music, Youtube Music, Tidal and others do it the way I described.

Screenshots / Mockup:

None of the players you mention have the those buttons else they would have them there :wink:

If you can’t adapt change the screen style to basic or minimalist to solve this.

True, but then I would miss the button row in the bottom :smiling_face_with_tear:

They are just moved at other places but all is still accessible.

Favorite on the image as the 3 dots, the queue is still at the same place and the repeat / shuffle in the queue.

The app have different features and different views to fit most needs.

And BTW the queue is swipe up in the screen in every screen and skip previous / next is swipe left / right on the image.