Option to fade between songs and auto resume AA

Hi first just wanted to say what an excellent job you are doing with this app. So far I’ve been loving it. I’ve looked to see if this has been requested but have not found it so hopefully I’m not repeating…

An option to fade between the ending and the beginning of the next song would be a nice feature.

Also not sure if this is a feature but currently when I use YouTube music and I select a playlist and randomize it, it pretty much saves that in a queue so that when I leave the app and come back to it later, it plays from where I left off and the randomizes list it generated last time. Sometimes this is good be i have a few playlist that are long and this feature would ensure that i eventually hear all the songs in the playlist.

Currently when I randomize a playlist on symfonium, i listen to a few songs but then leave the app for a little bit. But when I come back, it picks up from the last song i play but does not save that i had the playlist randomized and then when I click on the shuffle button it creates a whole new playlist of the shuffle and i sometimes ending up hearing a song i just heard in my previous session again.

This happens alot because I usually only listen to music in my car while using Android Auto and when I start my car it doesn’t automatically play from where I left off. I have to go to the app on my phone and tap on resume playlist then shuffle again…

Would really love it if it could just remember my shuffled playlist and just automatically play once i Android Auto turns on…

Hope i make sense lol

Again thanks for all the effort you put into this project.

The engine I use does not offer fade between songs since it’s more targeted to gapless.

For the current queue save there’s quite a few messages explaining why it’s currently not saved automatically.

I do not really have a workaround for your use case. What I can do is provide a way to resume the playlist from AA, but keeping the randomized order won’t be possible until I figure out something to offer state saving (again read the other posts about the reasons).