Option to enable the queue to re-open at the same place

Feature description:

Add an option (as I don’t think it fits every use case) to enable the queue to stay at the same place when re-opening the queue.
There is a button to scroll the list to the currently playing song, so it would make sense for some use cases that the queue would stay at the same position.

Problem solved:

When listening to a song, I scroll down the queue to find the next song I want to listen to, and close the queue to rate the song. But when I re-open the queue it resets to the current song playing position.

I know you can move songs to the next play position, but it means that you have to scroll down even further the next time you scroll the queue.

Brought benefits:

You can scroll the queue at the position where a song you want to listen to next is located, get back on the now playing page and re-open the queue at the same place to play the song in question.

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Sorry but won’t add an option for that, and the vast majority of the need is to see what’s coming next and the current behavior.

That’s too bad…:man_shrugging:

This is one of the few annoyances I have with Symfonium

What is the use case? For his he can already do 3 dots then rate and do not change the position.