Option to distinguish Wifi and Metered Wifi maximum bitrate

Feature description:

Ability to specify different transcoding setting for Metered wifi connections than regular wifi. This can be solved by either including this connection type under Mobile max bitrate (maybe with a name change?), as they are most likely mobile hotspots, or a third separate category for max bitrate.

Note that in the “include under Mobile” case I would still recommend a setting to switch off this behavior, as there might be a case of home wifi which is metered with high limits, which would likely clash with mobile bitrate setting.

Problem solved:

My problem is, that I’m keeping the Symfonium app on both my devices (phone & tablet), which brings an ease of playing music with whichever I have currently in hand at home.

The tablet device does not have a mobile data, only the mobile does and I’m sharing the connection via mobile hotspot when needed. (And with Samsung Auto-Hotspot feature, I can even turn it on directly from tablet)

This leads to me needing to juggle my bluetooth headphones between mobile & tablet, everytime I want to switch between watching (pre-downloaded) movies & listening to music. Alternativelly I need to modify wifi settings everytime I’m using/not using hotspot. Both these needs arise just from need to save data.

Brought benefits:

It brings the benefit of more granular maximum bitrate settings, and allows handling of more cases.

In case of the solution by adding the third category, it could also benefit people with metered wifis in rural homes or remote cottages, where there is high probability of having a wifi which is limited, but not as limited as mobile data (either by data limit or just plain speed)

Other application solutions:

Afaik Android policy is to treat metered connections same as cellular connections - if background data is restricted, you will get warnings on them etc.

Following this, apps that do their own logic on connection type (download apps etc…) usually do the same. For example, Findroid allows downloading of movies from Jellyfin, with option to “Download using mobile data”. With it disabled, it won’t download over metered connections, even though it’s not mentioned anywhere (I just tested this)

Additional description and context:

Anyway, there are multiple solutions (include metered under mobile, include metered under mobile if toggled, separate third category), but imho any of them should be valid and fairly easily implementable. From short research, seems like “include metered under mobile” is the most common one, but usually the problem is simpler.

As we discussed before, I’ve included a short log (under my name) of opening the app, connecting to a hotspot on mobile data, and playing a random song (which played respected the wifi bitrate setting). I’ve manually marked the wifi as metered in wifi settings before, but it should work the same with auto-detection.

Screenshots / Mockup: