Option to display genres on the now playing screen

Feature description:

The genres of the current music will be displayed along with the Album and Artist, and can be tapped to jump to all the lists of the same genre.

Problem solved:

When playing a song, you can’t simply see the song’s genres and jump to the same genre list to find more similar songs.

Brought benefits:

Increase the feeling of free browsing songs.

So finally will just add the quick jump to the now playing genres via the 3 dots menu as there’s for album and artists.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear, I meant to display it like the red text in the image, and have each separated genre clickable to jump to the corresponding genre list.

It was clear but there’s no room for more things here for more devices, you’d just have to press the 3 dots at the bottom to see the genre with a button for each genre.

This does the same end and works for all devices.

The settings could perhaps provide the option for the user to decide to choose between displaying the album or genre in the same position.