Option to change "Play next" to how spotify implements it

Feature description:

When adding a song/album to “play next” it will be like it’s own little queue within the bigger queue. So when something is added to play next (e.g. song 1) and then another song is added (song 2). The player will first play song 1 and then song 2 before playing the rest of the queue.

Maybe a toggle for this would be great so people could turn it on or off if they want to

Problem solved:

Now when adding something to “play next” it will be put on top of the queue (so literally playing next). So you have to add your songs to play next and then rearrange them to play them in “chronological” order of adding.

Brought benefits:

It makes for a smoother experience where it’s easier to play the songs in the order you want

Other application solutions:

Apps like Spotify or Finamp will play everything added to “play next” in the order you added them before resuming the queue

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup: