Option to apply app theme to widgets

The title seems to be self-explanatory; I’ve updated to 2.0.0 beta and fsr my widget on the home screen turned into white and I can’t seem to revertt it back to black as I can’t seem to find the option to do so.
Had the debug off during the update so can’t provide any logs I’m afraid :frowning:

Screenshots and logs are mandatory …

Sorry, not sure what to attach here so here’s the log of me creating a widget and also here’s a
some screenshots of my current app config. Maybe I’m just missing something here ;-;
debug-20221030_200221.zip (7.3 КБ)

Thanks this have most of the necessary information.

Is your phone in dark mode or not? The new widgets adapt to the OS settings now as it makes more sense by default.

Nope, my phone switches back and forth depending on the time of day, but I’d honestly prefer so the widget would always be black. It’d be nice if you could add a toggle for it in the settings

I can’t until Google add the missing APIs to Glance :frowning: