Option "Show track number" confuses Simple Scrobbler

Feature description:

I’ve used the “Show track number” option in the “Now playing settings”, because it looks nice, but later turned it off after realizing that the track number is prepended to the track title, and Simple Scrobbler for last.fm/libre.fm reads the title with the track number included and reports it this way to last.fm and libre.fm. Both services are not able to recognize the track name in turn, and can’t assign album metadata (e.g. cover artwork) to it. Moreover, libre.fm (and probably last.fm, too) will create a new database entry with this extended name, which doubles the track list length on the album page. It would be better to add the track number in the “now playing” display only, while reporting the track title without track number to the system.

Problem solved:

Scrobblers like Simple Scrobblers will be prevented from reporting unusual track information to the remote service, which they don’t seem to understand, and to which they react in odd ways.

Brought benefits:

Since I’m scrobbling all the time, I have to disable this nice option in order to not pollute last.fm and libre.fm with duplicate and unusual track info. Nevertheless I’d just love to use this option, because it’s quite useful.

Other application solutions:

GMMP allows displaying the track number in the “now playing” view, but keeps it separate from the track name. foobar2000 never shows the track number, and doesn’t have any such option, AFAIK.

Additional description and context:


Screenshots / Mockup:


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The scrobblers use the data passed in the media session. That data is what is displayed in the notifications / watches and everything.
If you enable the option to see the track number you expect to see the same value everywhere.

I do not have a proper solution here. Consistency to reduce support is more important in this case sorry.

Simple Scrobble is an old outdated app now, but in modern Android version the media session is what is visible not the notification so we can’t cheat on client side.

Yes, Simple Scrobbler hasn’t been updated since September 2019, but still it’s a great app. Anyway, how about having two options, “Add track number in now playing”, and “Add track number in notifications”? I would tick the first one, but not the second one. I don’t need the track number in the notifications, but I need it desperately in now playing.

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Sorry but wayy too much work for nearly no gains. That would requires a lot of internal changes and maintenance cost for a very specific need.
There’s one source of trust for the data, having 2 is the start of endless problems.