Option for family sharing

Feature description:

It would be great to have an option to share the purchase with my family. We are 4 people plus one family tablet, so there would be 5 different devices/accounts to buy a license for.

I would be totally fine with paying more for a family license, like 10€ or 15€ instead of 5€, but it is very inconvenient to buy the license on multiple google accounts, especially for my kids.

Problem solved:

Some way to share the purchase with the family

Brought benefits:

First of all, the family admin can share the purchase with his family.
More importantly, it removes the need to add a payment method to every account in the family. As for my kids, i don’t want them to have my credit card in their google account, which has to be done to buy on their account.

Other application solutions:

I know of another, unrelated app (relay for reddit), that long used a model where the app existed a second time in the playstore as pro version, without in-app purchase. The “normal” version had an in-app-purchase, which achieved the same thing as the standalone pro version. Direct purchases can be shared.
If using a release pipeline, this could be automated.

I don’t know if there is a way to share in app purchases

Additional description and context:

I said everything on top

Screenshots / Mockup:

There’s no way offered by Google to share In App purchases.

The rules have changed and it is forbidden to offer duplicated content on Play Store, and it would also divide the number of install and ratings and would be worse for the life of the app.

Something that is already very hard for a paid niche app on Play Store.

I know there’s a need, but it’s on Google end there’s not much I can do here without putting everything at risk.

Hmm, I can unterstand your point.
maybe google adds something in the future.

So the only way is currently to add my card to my kids account and buy it for them, then remove the card again

Thanks for the quick response and keep going with this great app

I offer some PayPal trialID based solutions but it’s all very manual until Google is forced by law to allow selling outside of Play Store.

But TL:DR; Play Store is a pain.

You can use a family payment method, which requires you to accept the payment when your kids go to buy stuff.