Optimize NP screen design on nav bar hidden devices

Feature description:

In my device, nav bar is hidden because I use fullscreen gestures, Symphonium music metadata in now playing screen just too on top, leaving a big blank space.

Problem solved:

Bad appearance of now playing screen

Brought benefits:

Possibly every user using my setup (potentially many - 1080x2400px, navigation bar hidden) can benefit from a more perfected layout.

Other application solutions:



Additional description and context:

Below file bit rate, a big gap, below control buttons, another gap. My Suggestion is Upcale play pause buttons, place metadata more below or give users and option to add gaps manually (this solution is used by BlackPlayer).

Screenshots / Mockup:



As a a few other requests, there’s plan to rebuild the now playing, but it’s not high priority as I need to take in account tablets and foldables.