Opening the app via widget and notification

Feature description:

When a track is actively being played, opening the app via widget and notification leads to the Now Playing Screen

Problem solved:

When I’m multitasking and playing music and enter the app via the widget or notification (as I most often do) I end up on the home page or queue which is usually never where I want to be at the time, thus requiring more time for a swipe or button press to get to the now playing screen.

Brought benefits:

Less time fidgeting around. Thanks!

It should already be the case (Except the now playing queue, not sure I’ll handle that or even can properly)

I understand with the now playing queue since it’s a fragment of the now playing screen. It’s certainly not the case if from the NP screen you:

  1. hit the hardware back button (to the Symfonium home screen)
  2. hit home (to phone launcher)
  3. hit the widget or notification

Please provide logs to see

debug.log (18.2 KB)

Hum the intent is not logged from where did you launch?

Nova Launcher via the resizeable widget. The same thing happens with the notification, too.

Ok mixed up the intent immutability.

Will be fixed in next release. (Opening, won’t close the queue)

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