Opening Settings - Playback - Decoding and transcoding error

Issue description:

Going into settings - playback - Decoding, causes the app to stop. Occcasionally, it will say the app has a bug and has been stopped


Upload description: telrod11

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:

Open settings and try to open the decoding.

I’ve rebooted my device to try and alleviate, but it happens every time.


Media provider:

Local device



Have you restored some very old backups or something like that?

You have something wrong in your settings.

No sir. Just updated yesterday to current ver.

Then try to restore a backup from before the update.

OK, tried several old backups, and they all failed.

Uninstalled SF, cleared device cache, reinstalled clean. - Works

Restored current backup - failed
Restored my oldest backup - failed


I can repro with restoring data with that version, but no idea yet.

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