[Open Subsonic Feature] - Playlist Art Server Sync

Feature description:

I’m not a developer, but I think opensubsonic is the correct place for this. This feature would have the server keep playlist art and sync back to the synfonium app (or any app). This would be similar to how album art works, but for playlists

Problem solved:

Unsynchronized playlist artwork, or having to perform multiple uploads that may not be uniform across all clients.

Brought benefits:

This would ensure there is an option for updated clients to have playlist artwork when requesting from the server.

Other application solutions:

 This is not an application solution. This has to be addressed at the server level 

Additional description and context:

 I’m sorry if this isn’t the place to do this. I know about the github discussion, but it seems like only developers should comment since I can’t verify if this is an opensubsonic feature request. 

Screenshots / Mockup:


Subsonic API already support publishing cover Art so not sure to understand the need here.

Does it also support playlist cover art? If the answer is yes, than this can be disregarded and I appreciate your time.

Yes it does I guess I was not clear :stuck_out_tongue: