OneDrive track number limitation

Issue description:

After linking to my OneDrive account and scanning my library, it seems like Symfonium is only processing the first 200 tracks for an album. I have several podcasts stored in OneDrive with 500+ episodes, but when I open my library each podcast album only shows 200 tracks.

I’ve confirmed that the files actually exist in OneDrive and that they are correctly recognized by my other streaming app (CloudPlayer by doubleTwist).


Upload description: idkicarus

Additional information:

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Reproduction steps:

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Media provider:

One Drive



Sounds like a problem with pagination on my side.

I’ll need logs that contains the start of the sync. It’s currently scrape the artist metadata.

When it’s done provide new logs starting from before pressing the sync button.

Ok so no need, was able to reproduce, a copy paste error :frowning:

Will be fixed in next release.

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That’s great news! Also, sorry for not sending updated logs. I got caught up with work and family.