OLED - Interface Colour options

Feature description:

Grey & White (non-intrusive) colour options for the interface (not background)

Problem solved:

Intrusiveness of interface brought down as choice for the user

Brought benefits:

OLED screen here. I use the full black background wherever I can, I like it more and it just gives better contrast with the individual pixels turned off.

I also use the monochrome (grey) android feature a lot, with which everything on the screen gets tints of black and grey instead of colour, I have shortcut in the corner of my screen. This makes everything way less distracting and addicting: to make sure I am on my phone as less as possible. Late at night use also great.

So I started using Symfonium without this functionality at a random moment and the first thing was that the red was real intense.

So I got to the settings to change the interface. And I only had choice between about all the colours of the rainbow. Pretty intrusive for me honestly.

Would like to see grey or white added to the list of red, green, yellow, blue, etc. Just something less intrusive.

Should be a simple implemention, just a find a grey hex with good enough readibility, give it a test round on an oled screen with full black background and the normal dark background and if readable, ship it with the next update please

The cool stuff is that you can do it yourself :wink:

Then if it’s so easy you’ll be able to do it quickly and provide the file for possible inclusion.

It’s easy to do on a full OS. I’m on the road the coming couple of months with not any dev machine in front of me, at least none where I can install my own programs; so with the right system, it’s indeed easy.

I am definitely willing to use a custom theme, but I can’t simply put it together the coming time. Are you able to put one with some greyish tones together real quick?

If not, that’s okay too.

No I’m not I was not able to build anything looking nice.

And no other users where able too, the tools from Google does not work for those.

Need to be manually built.

Thank you, than I will look into it for another moment when I have a full pc in front of me. I will also ask a friend of mine at home to look into it for a sec