Offline cached songs from Plex leads to 4 times longer file with lots of silence

Finally got round to making a support entry

I had planned to make entries for the full screen player getting stuck on the bottom of the screen when pushing “back” on my Samsung phone, but i realized i just didn’t waste enough time going around the app compared to just listening to music

But what has really been bothering me is how offline cached songs (transcoded to 320kbps) always end up with a song length a lot longer than what they are supposed to be, and once the song ends it just continues to play silence until the entire thing is played through

Log file of playing the song offline (3.0 MB)

What happened in the log:
Played a offline cached file when not on wifi
Accidently bumped the back button around the 6:50 minute mark, and then accidently clicked on the album art that was peaking from the stuck big player on the bottom of the screen, so it paused, and then i unpaused and reopened the big player, waited for the song to go through the entire 13 minutes, it then started playing the next, so i paused, pushed back again, so stuck player, and then finished the log

From the server:


You need to check Plex logs, the files are transcoded by the server and contains those silences, there’s no errors on Symfonium side, just playing a valid file;

It seems the whole length thing is weird tho, if i click on the progress bar, even if it’s like, 8 minutes on that song, it will play the section that is equivalent to that during normal playback, and now the silence is shorter than before, like, if i click the 3/4s (9:45) of the progress bar, i will go to around the 2:45 mark in the song, and continue playing, 45 seconds later the song will end, but now I’ll only have 3 minutes of silence, instead of 9

That does not change the fact that it’s Plex that send that file content …

Can you check or provide the Plex logs and provide the source media to try to reproduce.

I guess the answer is no :slight_smile:

No, i still plan to look for it

But this year will be and has begun Tobe quite hectic for me. I went through the trouble Saturday cause i already knew how to get the logs and reproduce the problem. But i haven’t had the need to find Plex logs for so long that I’d have to look up how to do it, and then figure out how to get the log i want

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@Tolriq Had the same issue as well, here are the logs

Plex Media Server Version
Symfonium Version 5.4.0B1 (999)

here’s the file

Edit: Was able to reproduce will see what happens.

Ok so Plex mp3 encoder is bugged. Next release will offline cache in opus to workaround that.

that sounds great, thank you

Sry I didn’t get around to sending the property logs back then

Can confirm it was fixed, and that’s pretty much perfect now