Offline cache should work even if the media provider is offline

Issue description:

I use wireguad as a vpn to access my jellyfin server. However I need to reset the vpn when changing from wifi to mobile data (every time I leave home). Before restarting the vpn I noticed no music is listed in synfonium even though I have hundreds of songs in the offline cache. In other words it fails to display media when the network interface is up and the media provider can not be found.

I’m not sure if this is the intended behavior or a bug. You can produce the same result just by shutting down jellyfin and then starting synfonium. I would expect that offline files would always be displayed as long as they are on the device. I also noticed that the offline media filter toggle is reset back to off on every synfonium startup.


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The logs are empty …

But you probably mix offline cache and playback cache. Those are 2 vastly different things.

I have 490 offline files. They show up if I turn on airplane mode and start symfonium.
Like I said the files fail to show if I start symfonium when the wifi/mobile data is on and there is no route to the server or the media server is off.

I uploaded the logs when the media server was offliine I the hope it would show useful debug info related to the connection. Should I just upload them again when it is in a working state?

The logs needs to reproduce the issue so navigating in the app and getting offline in the way that triggers the issue and navigate again.

I uploaded the logs again with jellyfin turned off. Log description is “cosmic1”
I noticed that the songs appear for about 1.5 seconds and then dissapear once it can’t find the media provider. Here is a screenshot of the page I get.

Please show the content of the filter at the top.

Ahh… I see! The Hide unavailable providers toggle was set to on. I didn’t realize that option even exists. This option persists between restarts and Media available offline does not. Maybe these filters could be arranged to make it more clear.

Hide unavailable providers could be a sub option of Media available offline.

Media available offline
        Hide unavailable providers

Then if Media available offline is disabled then Hide unavailable providers will be grayed out / inactive and can not be enabled.

In any case it’s working now. Thank you.

Media available offline persist on restart unless you use the option to automatically link to to wifi status in the settings.

The options are unrelated you can have any combination specially when using multiple different providers.