Offline cache and download quality ignored

I’m using the subsonic backend and have a FLAC library on my server. I can set ‘WiFi Maximum Bitrate’ under Playback Settings to 320kbps and transcoding will work, but I want to stream the original files and save offline mp3 copies to save space on my phone. I found the ‘Offline cache and download quality’ option under Advanced Settings. I set it to 320k, and got 2 options to download and offline, with and without transcoding. However, both options just download the original FLAC files, even if I limit playback to 320 and enable ‘Transcode to MP3’ under Manage Media Providers. I believe this is a bug. For reference, Ultrasonic on Android can both stream and download at 320K from the same server with no problems.

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Sorry. Here’s the debug log. (10.5 KB)
It should show me streaming a FLAC file follwed by me tapping ‘Add to offline cache’ on the next file in te same album with offline quality set to 320k. Symfonium downloaded the original FLAC instead of a transcoded mp3 as per the issue.

I don’t know what Subsonic server you use, but it’s outdated and you are using compatibility mode.
In that mode by default downloads are limited to download endpoint to avoid issues.

Check the option do not use download endpoint on your host.

But you should check with your server if there’s update, or tell them about GitHub - opensubsonic/open-subsonic-api: Repository hosting the definition and discussions of the Open Subsonic API that is now public or migrate to a better server like Navidrome or Gonic.

Hello, I just wanted to jump on this thread as I’m having a similar issue. If I should make a new thread let me know.

I’m syncing from Jellyfin and am trying to sync my entire library for offline listening while I’m away from my JF server. So far it’s been working great except for that all of my offline cached files are being saved as 128kbps OPUS files (transcoded by my JF server from FLAC).

For the “offline cache and download quality” option, I chose 256kbps. I can see in my Jellyfin logs that my server is transcoding files to 128kbps. So either Synfonium isn’t asking for the right bitrate or Jellyfin is getting confused and is defaulting to 128kbps when transcoding. Is this a widespread issue? Any info I can provide for troubleshooting?

Love the app by the way!

You should always open a new issue :slight_smile:
This is about Subsonic not transcoding at all and you have a jellyfin issue transcoding to the wrong bitrate.
So nothing is common at all.

Anyway your issue is a known Jellyfin bug they ignore the value, see in the logs that the request is properly made.

Got it. Thank you so much for your response. Will make a new thread next time. Case closed for my issue then.