Odd caching function behavior

Issue description:

  • Recently noticed a strange behaviour of the app while caching tracks from the server:
  1. It takes a long amount of time for an app to start downloading music for some reason now, like it just waits several minutes before doing anything.
  2. Sometimes in the queue of things to be cached it looks like they all get wiped from it only to then reappear again shortly after, which repeats over and over and over again.


debug-20230202_013053.zip (519,1 КБ)
debug-20230202_013609.zip (1,2 МБ)


There’s no several minutes in your logs just a few seconds because your phone is slow to resolve the query and it have many checks to do before starting the downloads.

For the second one it’s just display stuff due to updating, it only shows a small part of the queue if it’s big and since it’s currently queuing more stuff due to all your clicks it refreshes.

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Got it, would be nice to have some indication of the app doing something before starting the downloads perhaps, if possible :thinking:

Well there’s a message bar telling you that the download is starting :slight_smile: Can’t really display more.