Occasionally fails to play, pause/play icon flashes

Issue description:

This has happened two or three times at random over the last few days. I only clearly remember one of the previous occurrences.

  • I hit play button on the widget
  • The button rapidly toggles between play & pause
  • No music plays
  • I go to the UI, and the now playing screen shows the progress bar flipping between 0:00 & 04:34 (track length) and play/pause rapidly toggling
  • Nothing I do fixes the problem (prev/next track, etc.). I have to force-quit the app, after which it performs normally for a day or so.

I managed to get a screen capture video of it this morning. After the video finished I turned on debug logging, and there’s a bunch of stacktraces in there, so hopefully it’ll be clear what’s going on.


debug-20230504_082724.zip (100.1 KB)


Additional information:

Ok so there’s 2 different things.

  1. Your device fails to properly decode with an unknown error. You can workaround that by checking the option prefer internal decoder. There’s not much I’ll be able to do here for the device codec.

  2. Seems there’s a nasty race probably caused by starting the media from the widget that makes the app not increase the error count and so not stopping when it should. The cause of that one is not present in the logs since you enabled it after :frowning:

Do you use multiple media queues?