Number of Elements twitching/jumping

Issue description:

When visiting a category from the start page (like “recently added albums” or “Favorite Titles”), the number of “Elements” that is displayed on top of the cover-grid twitches / jumps.
In my case it is showing “1000 Elements” and then briefly shows “500 elements”, then back to “1000 Elements”.

Symfonium Version 7.0.0 (1190)
Media Provider Subsonic / OpenSubsonic (just this one)
Server Navidrome [0.50.1-SNAPSHOT] (lates develop tag)
Phone Google Pixel 4a 5G / Android 14 / Build Number UP1A.231105.001


Uploaded to

I have uploaded the logs.


Also uploaded the same screencapture through

This is strange the query properly only run once.

Please try with 7.1 beta or 7.1 when it’s out and see if it’s fixed, I can’t reproduce here.

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will do!

I just ried to replicate it again and now it doesnt show the behaviour… Maybe just a glitch. It’s not a big issue anyways :slight_smile:

It seems that this is fixed with 7.1 Beta.
The elements count very Briefly Shows 500 and then 1000, but it says at 1000 and doesnt twitch/jump afterwards.

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