Now Playing Screen "artifact"

Very small bug.

When on the “Now Playing” screen, going back sometimes leaves an artifact at the bottom of the screen.

Thanks for your work Tolriq

As template says logs ? :wink: And more details how do you go back, down swipe back gesture, back button …

I will attempt to get the logs to catch the issue, but with a Pixel “back” is a swipe from the right edge of the screen toward the middle.

It depends on your configuration and there’s drag down gesture on that screen too hence the question (that included back gesture as choice).

So I suppose the answer is that you use the back gesture to close it.

Hi Tolriq,

Log attached. I do have a video, but can’t upload mp4 files here. (39.3 KB)

I’ve added mp4 to the list but you can zip things too :slight_smile:

OK, try this: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Ok so it correctly close then jump back…

Do you have some specific repro or it’s jut full random?

It is repeatable. Seriously, it’s not a big problem - I just thought it would be easy to fix. Maybe it’s “Pixel only”

Got 2 pixels and no repro. What are the precise steps to repro.

Sorry Tolriq, but I can’t give you any more details. I have recorded another screen that shows the two ways to return from the “Now Playing” screen, a swipe right (which causes the artifact) and a swipe down (which doesn’t show the artifact)!ApM7Vbz-GqnLnX7Atz1eVw-pvXdw?e=g1LctD

I hope this helps.

Tested a millions times on my P3A and P6P and unable to reproduce at least once.

Maybe it’s already fixed in one of the lib update for next release, else I’ll really lack ideas.

Hey Tolriq,

I am now using a Pixel 7 Pro and this problem has gone away. It still exists on my Pixel 6 strangely.

Sorry for wasting your time, but I reckon this can be closed.

Well I have a 6 pro and can’t repro but I don’t see why it would happen :frowning:
Thing is that if it happens to one device it can happen on many too. Will keep if someone else report the same.

I am also experiencing this issue

Phone: Pixel 7
Android 13 build TQ1A.221205.011

Video of it happening

I also tried completely reinstalling the application but it happens even to a completely stock version of the app from the start.

How I get the bug is simply by swiping back on either the left or right side of the phone, while on the now playing screen. Pulling down on the Now Playing screen to minimize it does NOT cause the issue. I’ve also noticed that the artifact is the exact same height as the minimized Now Playing banner.

The artifact is actually the top of the now playing screen. I can even click on the chromecast icon in the top right of the artifact and it’ll bring up the available cast device. The moment I do anything on the buggy portion of the screen such as move the artwork slightly, then it goes away.