Now Playing Background Blur

I run the Dark theme all around the app and it’s great. The accent color on the play/pause button is nice too but I don’t think the color radiating from the top of the screen (mostly covered by the album art) contributes a a whole lot. It has me missing Poweramp’s implementation of the album art cover blur.

Having the option to jump to that would be appreciated–I don’t even need the sliders/toggles since I’m happy with the default but something is better than nothing. Though, odds are there’d have to be a shadow behind the track info if you end up adding it. Attached is an example of Poweramp’s version and settings screen.


For the blur the issue is that it’s not compatible with dynamic color of the buttons as else there’s contrast issue and buttons can be invisible. And texts needs to have some background and tons of details that in the end does not really match the concept of minimalist anymore.

There’s probably some tuning and maybe the extracted colors should be more visible in the background or maybe some improvements in the selected colors.

Anyway I’m not against adding other backgrounds as I previous said I was not really happy with current implementation. But I prefer the current minimalist over the Poweramp version in this case.

Well, that may be where the sliders would be most helpful. I certainly do not have the right answers for this one.