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As the title says doing anything on the notification causes it to flash a cyan color for some reason. I’ve tried many other music apps but never encountered this issue before. Device: Samsung note 9 Android 10.


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I have this issue too


So was able to find an old samsung phone that still works, should be fixed in next release.


Wow! Thank you so much for you efforts. So Its a Samsung specific issue? strange.

I’m on a Oneplus 5, so maybe an Android 10 or lower issue?

Oh, that might be it then.

I am on an Xperia, Android 11, and have this problem, so who knows! Hopefully the Samsung fix is the same problem.

Issue is fixed in the new update
Thanks :smiley:

Oh then I have no clue then, yeah hopefully.

It no longer flashes at all when using the action buttons or flashes cyan when skipping but skipping tracks is still not very smooth. Don’t know if its just me or if that’s normal. When skipping tracks with different cover art that varies greatly in color (esp if its has a white background it seems) the cover art takes a little while to come up sometimes. Occasionally it shows a wrong color and theming before showing the correct one. Don’t know how well I explained that but yeah.

The main issue was fixed however thankfully.

Yep. same behaviour here (Xperia 10 III, Android 11). Less jarring than the cyan though!

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Yeah definitely way less jarring. Seems like it has something to do with how it extracts and/or applies color to dynamically theme the notif for each track. I’ve noticed the notification also briefly “jumps” in size sometimes when displaying some cover art maybe some problem with scaling.

This is more or less normal, the covers can take time to be loaded from the server, but the track is displayed when it start playing.
Since tracks are not always local I can’t delay the notification for the thumb to be loaded as it can be up to 15 seconds to fail to load it.

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Okay makes sense. Thanks for the hard work.