Notification color blinking when switching songs

Issue description:

Pressing previous/next/play/pause on now playing notification is causing weird color blinking.

Logs: (5.7 KB)


Sounds like a bug on your device with the most recent Google libraries. I do not have much control over there.

That’s unfortunate. I don’t have this issue with any other media player app.

Well I do not have any idea and there’s nowhere that color used in the app.

Unless you use a special custom theme?

I have no idea either where this cyan color comes from. I have a pretty much stock Android (Android One), with no special theming at all.

Was talking about custom Symfonium theme but I suppose also no :frowning:

Never see that behavior so honestly not something I’ll be able to workaround for your device.

Have the same issue. My device - Shanling M3 Ultra it uses Android 10 :frowning:
It looks like player updates “notification” each time I touch any button.
At the same time “notifications” from Tidal or Apple Music work good.