Notification bar collapses after pressing either of the media controls

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Issue description:

As the title goes - sometimes (not always, for some reason), when I pull down the notifications area, either when within the app or when it’s in background, and hit “next”, the notification area collapses (scrolls itself back up).
Kinda inconvenient when skipping several tracks one by one :slight_smile:

Please let me know if any additional info is required


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Apps have no control over the notification being expanded or not so there’s no much I can do here.
In all cases the notification should have the skip next button even in collapsed mode.

Hmm, I might have described the issue wrong, apologize if this is the case.
The matter is that the whole notification area closes completely.

You know, similar to what happens if you hit “clear all notifications”.
I will try screen capture this.

Screencapture would help but sounds like something strange samsung does again :frowning:

Can you test to pause from the notification then play without waiting too long.

Play/pause does the same.

I think I might have a clue.
Looks like the thing is the taskbar does not see it as a notification, or a persistent notification (I am not savvy in the correct name, sorry).

So, summing up my finds:

  • I don’t have any icon in the taskbar both when something is playing or paused
  • When I enabled screen recording, the issue was “gone” - because the recording has its own persistent notification
  • The notification area also closed after I swiped out the “screenshot taken” notification, and the Symphonium was the last one remaining

Let me know if I need to test anything else.
I will also try using a different phone to capture the behavior I’ve described, since the screen capture ruins the conditions.

Oh my, I must apologize.
I think I know what was causing the issue.

I use Pano Scrobbler for lastfm.
It show the “now scrobbling” notification.
When I change tracks or play/pause, its notification refreshes, making the notification are “clear” of “normal” notifications, and thus Samsung closes the area.

So, not a bug, just something to consider.

Disabling the “now scrobbling” in Pano fixed the issue for me.

Ok thanks for the details might help future users.