Notification background color change when paused

Issue description:

i’m using notification mode for player control, and the whole background.color tinting tuff is a total mess: The notification automatically picks up color of the cover image (central color i guess) but the track title and other text stays in black, that makes it hard to recognize the content.
Also i noticed the color will turn white when the playback position changed while song is paused, and the turns back immediately after resumed.
I think text color being always black should be bug of vendor (but other music player app work fine). Also the color changing white is too drastic. Is there a way to turn off automatic background color pickup (using a pure white background)? so that i can avoid the notification color bug.
also, same color glitch happens when playing from local device


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Additional information:

i noticed that the notification also turns white when another notification pop up.

Reproduction steps:

pause song (notification stays on color of cover)
move playback position (notification change to white)
resume song (notification turns back to color of cover immediately)

Media provider:





Those are bugs on your device.

You are not using the Symfonium notification but media session. So the app just push metadata and the OS does whatever it want with that.

You can disable media session in advanced settings to actually use Symfonium notification but it will generate other issues.

I disabled media session and the notification remain to be same. (The log says MediaSession=false this time) So apparently the OS wrongly handles the notification metadata.

As for the metadata, does Symfonium calcuate and sent the background color ? Or Symfonium merely send cover art and let the color fully managed by the OS?

I haven’t got this issue using other music player like spotify / apple music / musicolet / poweramp / gonemad … etc. They use system theme color properly or a fixed white color (with cover image displayed)

If the color is managed by the OS, I suppose this issue cannot be fixed in a reasonable period of time… I really like this app and will continue to use it regardless of this bug. Is there any option to disable cover art or specify a background color? Kind regards

Well the notification is not supposed to be used at all on Android >= 11 so there’s something odd on your device, did you disable something for Symfonium in the OS settings?

You don’t have the issue with other apps because I’m pretty sure your phone properly use the media session. Compare the look and how it’s displayed it’s probably different.

And it’s the OS that generate the color from the image.

appreciate for the feedback. my phong is running a Chinese Android system which is heavily customized. Runs Android 14 but lacks many features.

the notification is exactly the same (appearance and the bug), so i guess the OS just does a lot of hack translating a fake media session back to notification? for compatibility maybe.

luckily it seems the vendor will probably add real media session support in future OS version, I will wait for it. Thank you for your support.