Not fitting correctly on car screen 10.25"


Thank you for this great app! I have just installed on my Android 10.25" and although the navigation screens seem ok the now playing screen doesn’t fit? I cannot see the artist and can only see half of the album title.

As you can see there is a lot of wasted space either side which I guess is because this app is designed for portrait mode? I have been through all the settings and can find no way to improve this, is it because it is not yet implemented or won’t be changed?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You are supposed to use Android Auto in your car it’s fully supported and works better.

Anyway yes for the moment the app is portrait only, there’s plans to support all the other form factors not just landscape but I’m waiting a little for Google to decide what they offer in their libraries for handling those in Compose. Since this is highly structuring I don’t want to go full in with a alpha 1 version :stuck_out_tongue:

But I can still try to get that screen to fit, please upload some very small logs, so I have all the details about that android version and models and everything to try to repro.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I used to use Android Auto in previous cars but as my new car never had it I had an option to add an android auto box or just replace the existing screen with a full Android Screen which I chose. I have to be honest most Android Auto apps frustrated me as they were so trimmed down and overal I much prefer the unrestricted Android experience in the car. I just installed Symfonium on my Galaxy Tab and would love to have the Landscape option when it is available :slight_smile:

The reason I have moved to this app is Emby (as great as it is) is not so great as a music player in the car, these screens are very popular in BMW, Merc, Audi as they are a direct replacement and you lose zero functionality of the cars idrive or in car systems and you can easily switch between the two so pretty sure you would get quite a few new users from it (especially after I promote it in the discords & forums :slight_smile: )

If I could just ask you to be a little more specific in what you would require from me log wise I will get that sorted,

Again, Many thanks!

Just enable logs in the settings return to home then disable logs and send them, just need a few headers in it that have details on your device.
(And for the record Android Auto is quite advanced in Symfonium :wink: )

Ok so after playing a little it’s impossible to have something that properly handle everything.

Next release (well the one after the next that Google seems to again not want to validate) will have an experimental landscape mode support to wait until Google libraries mature.


Apologies for the delay, I got stuck working all weekend but was pleasantly surprised to get the update with the landscape mode for my drive home! It is 95% there (just a little clipped off the bottom) this is what I have been wanting for a year since installing the android screen in my car as I can now see the album art, artist and track without needing glasses! :rofl:

Huge thanks for this, this is the ONLY player available that does everything I want and I will be donating as well as purchasing the full product as a sign of my appreciation for all your hard work.

I did try to get the logs off when I got home but kept getting an “operation not permitted” error but probably where I am tired I will try again tomorrow…

So chuffed! thank you :grin:

Cool to know it works, can you provide a screen shot / details about those 5% so I can see if it’s an easy fix?


Sure, screenshot attached :slight_smile:

I am unable to get the logs to you as I get an operation not supported error no matter where I try to save the log files? is it possibly an app permission error?

Also, here is the error I get with the logs

Ok thanks for the image would love the logs to have the exact model to have the dimension :frowning:

For the operation not supported it means that the app you select to send the logs does not support content uris :frowning:

You can try to go in manage Symfonium generated logs and press the share button it may propose other apps to do the operation.

Ah ok… I am using ES File explorer, can you recommended a different app?

I don’t know but funny this error search on google directly talked about it not supporting content :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t have an email client or something else on that device ? Anything that can send the file.

when I click to save the log I don’t have any other choice other than ES File Explorer and ES File Explorer LAN I will install an email client although I think GMail is on there so not sure why that didn’t present as an option? I will find something that works tomorrow :slight_smile:

Can I ask what is your preferred method for donations? I want to make sure you, rather than a 3rd party vendor receives as much of the donation as possible, really love this app and what you do, thank you!

Don’t know what device and Android version this is so no idea what happens but it’s outside of the app.

Maybe you can go in the Android device settings and get the exact model ref there and Android version

For donation I’ve finally opened after many asks. There’s just a small PayPal fee.

Sorted! Log sent :grin:

Many thanks!

Did you get the logs mate?

Yes I answered to your mail you did not get it?

Anyway it should be fixed in next release :slight_smile:

Ah Perfect! thank you :slight_smile: No mate, never saw your answer? no worries :slight_smile:

just realised, I used my gmail account to send the logs, I don’t check that mail :smiley: