Not able to continue playing from songs list

Issue description:

Hi there! I just started using the App today and i’m enjoying it a lot so far. However there is one thing thats bugging me and i’m not quite sure if its a bug, me being blind or straight up something you cannot do with the app currently. So i apologize if this is not the correct category…

When i listen to music on the go what i usually do is sort my library by date added from closest to oldest, and then just let it play in order (basically always listening to the newly added titles first and so on to the older ones…)

When i go to the song list in Symfonium however and press any song it will play only that song and not continue on further down the list. Is that achievable in any way? I’ve noticed there is a “Default song action” setting that even has a selection for “No automatic queue” but i would expect the normal “Play” option to do what i want then. Am i missing something?

Currently the global song list does not queue all as it could have 300 000 songs without issues.

To achieve your need, you can simply use the smart playlists. Just import the default smart playlists from the menu and there will be a recently added one that allows exactly what you want.

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Brilliant! Sorry for missing that.

I still think it would be nice to have playing from the song list as a possibility, maybe with a size limit similar to Personal Mixes?

Anyways thanks for the help!

Please open a feature request. But the problem is not only the limit but the actual action.

In all places where it auto queue it also auto queue the past songs. With limits it would not work the same so would not be consistent and I like when things are consistent in an app.