Non-fullscreen Lyrics option

Jaxz’s Spur of Requests part 3:

Another thing about the lyrics, maybe different display options that aren’t full screen? Like option to replace the cover art with a square of scrolling lyrics. OR, a similar implementation of how Fiio handled it by having the current line of lyrics displayed below the cover art

Shown here:

Just some ideas

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Sorry no plans for that.

This only works for synced lyrics, for all the other cases it requires scrolling by the user and it’s too small or conflict with other gestures on those screens.

Anything that does not work 100% triggers support.

What about the replace cover art idea? That would be much bigger

As said there also gesture issues.

Swipe up on image is show playlist can’t have both and clicks and double clicks and left / right many things to take in account and all the different designs.

The real question would more be what do you miss in the full screen lyrics screen that makes you want this.

I like also being able to see my music controls and such while viewing lyrics. Maybe that’s just me though

So an option to add the controls in that screen with the seekbar does fit your need?

Sure, I suppose that would work :slightly_smiling_face:


Even if this post is a little old, I’m replying to avoid creating a duplicate.

I’ve seen the option to diplay controls… and that is quite nice.

Do you think it would be feasible to also add Artist => Album => Track Name without too much hassle ?

That would already be quite nice :slight_smile: of course maybe that is only me !