No tracks listed in any of the synced albums

Issue description:

  • Latest Symfonium
  • Nextcloud 28.0.2 + Music App with
  • Subsonic API by Pauli Järvinen 1.10.0
  • Meta data scanning enabled on both server and client or simply folder structure for some files listed im a simple folder
  • No filter (at least not that I know)
  • Default Logs via support section are already supplied
  • and screenshots coming asap.

If you need any further logs, e.g. debug log I can start fresh sync with cleared data base on subsonic.

  • Id3 tags are/should be properly added or original added by e.g. audible. I checked them with different tag editors. And there is no difference in audio format. Reported behavior counts for mp3 and mb4 in this case.

If I am just blind and missing something forgive me.

  • The main problem is that there are no tracks listed in any of the albums synced.

  • If I click on the Artists name I can find the tracks available.

  • Below screenshots compared to another Subsonic Music App.

  • I can’t seem to find any setting which provides me the tracks within the album I select.

  • Weird is also that there are two albums synced, but imo that’s not correct or I’m just blind, because it’s just one album with that title available, no double on space.

Thanks in advance


Upload description: No tracks listed in any of the synced albums

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I can not find any logs with that name uploaded.

I need logs during a sync Sync media provider data

But I suppose Pauli did not properly implemented the OpenSubsonic part so you might need to enable the option compatibility mode. (Add Nextcloud Music as a participating server by paulijar · Pull Request #84 · opensubsonic/open-subsonic-api · GitHub he said it’s supposed but I could not actually test)

Proper sync logs would tell so I can report to him so he fixes.

Hi, thanks for your response.
I’ll try with compatibility mode later.
For now I have debug log while resynchronizing the DB.
I re-uploaded them with my forum nick name.
If it’s not available to you, just hit me up and I’ll reupload again on another way if necessary:)

The logs are strange, the server returns the same data multiple times, they probably miss a sort leading to random result. Will try to ping the author and send him here.

But you do have filters enabled can you show me the filters you have enabled ?

I don’t have any filters enabled, at least not via the media storage icon and no filters in album view.

But you’re absolutely right, because syncing in compatibility mode ist working properly. Tracks are available now! Sorry for not testing this earlier.

Thanks for taking care about this issue and contacting the dev!!

The speed of the sync in comp mode is ok, luckily not that slow.

Do you need debug log with syncing in compatibility mode?

You have a top filter to hide some providers.

Anyway yes your library is small so compat mode is okaish but the author should fix as it says it support the fast mode. Else you’ll need to open an issue on the Music plugin repository.

And no need for the logs as it works.

So remember for next time always contact the devs :wink:

That’s true and not complaining about bugs via play store :sweat_smile: like me. Sorry for that. It’s just some ppl hope for fast solutions and I’m working in a software company, so I definitely should know it better.

Thanks for your help.
I’ll create a bug report for music then.

Thanks again!!

Edit: no source filter or any provider filter, besides from hiding smb and webdav provider. If you mean that filter as in the screenshot (pls don’t mind the offline state)

Edit2: I’ll keep you posted about the progress.

Your workaround that comes with version 9 works like a charme. Thank you very much. Love symfonium.
If you need any more help, just tell me.