No sound when playing items in the queue

Issue description:

  • When I add two items to the queue (possibly important: the first one has no cover, while the second one does have it)
  • After the first one finishes playing, the second one “starts” in the notification - the seconds in the progress bar do tick, however, no music is played.
  • When I open the Symfonium app, the progress bar is stuck at 0
  • After I pause and unpause it, strange noises can be heard, almost like the file is corrupted maybe?
  • I have to fast-forward it using the progress bar, then the song plays completely fine

Logs: (28.0 KB)


  • (none)

Additional information:

  • Using Jellyfin
  • The songs are downloaded, however, I do have connection to the server
  • The issue only appears with specific songs, but it does so consistently, I can easily reproduce it

Logs does not show the issue, it can be a ffmpeg or my replain gain processor issue can you provide me those 2 songs or an access to your server with those songs so I can try to reproduce ?

From the logs the second song is mono channel and switching between stereo and mono is probably the cause.

It could be something else possibly, since after I ran them through ffmpeg, keeping the mono/stereo streams, the problem suddenly stopped occurring.
I can send you the files, though i cannot find the option to message you privately.

Yes the files causing the issue would be nice to see if I can workaround it.

You can click on my name or from the app there’s a few buttons to contact me.

Ok so get the files and can’t reproduce it properly switch from 1 to 2.
But during the playback of 1 there’s 3 or 4 small glitch/scratch like corrupted file.

Okay, so I just completely uninstalled the app, and after again downloading the files the problem doesn’t appear anymore. I guess it could be a corrupted download maybe?

It should not be possible but maybe.

No need to uninstall the app to remove the offline cached files just select remove or clear all from settings manage offline files.