No sound till I uncheck processing engine in EQ

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I wanted to reach out because I’ve been really enjoying using your app, but I’ve run into a little issue. I recently upgraded my phone from a OnePlus 7 Pro to a Pixel 7 Pro, and while transferring my settings, I noticed something odd.

Every time I load a save file to my new device (backed up settings, eq and servers from my old device), I find myself having to toggle the processing engine in the EQ settings off and then back on. It seems like the issue lies with the app settings (?) itself rather than the EQ settings, as everything works perfectly fine when I manually set everything up on the new device (redoing all the settings manually to match the settings of my old device).

So, I’m curious, is this a bug or am I missing something when transferring the settings? I’d appreciate any insight you can offer on this matter.

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Upload description: Joline

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After loading savefile, I start playing a song. Song does play but I can’t hear anything. I navigate to the EQ settings to manually uncheck the processing engine, music plays then I turn the processing engine back on to get my EQ working and it works fine. After restarting the app, I have to do everything again.

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Is the exported file done with the same version?

Can you export your settings only (no hosts) an upload the file soI can try to reproduce ?

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Thanks for the quick reply. Yes. Both versions match. I reinstalled the app on both phones and used the same backup. It did on my old phone but not on my new one. I renamed the file from .symbak to .json, because it did not allow me to upload an unknown file for some reason.
symfonium-backup-20240307_172807.json (29.4 KB) I hope it works. I tried it with this file and it does not work again. I did send you only the settings.
symfonium-backup-with-eq-20240307_173405.json (53.0 KB) Here is the one with EQ.

PW: 1234

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So I can’t reproduce :frowning:

Just in case for more complete logs:
On the new phone clear all, start and add local provider with a fake directory or whatever.
Enable logs, restore the backup, force kill the app after the toast restart, play something and send the logs?

See Secure file sharing with support for how to share files with me.

Same issue. I feel it’s a device issue… Because even a clean install causes issues. Logs are named Joline2

Yes don’t see anything special in the logs.

Probably some limits since you enable nearly everything.

Try to limit to autoEQ and simple EQ without volumeboost, virtualizer or bassboost.

Hey there!

I decided to do some hard reset with the android flash tool and I wiped everything and tried again. Now I used the backup and everything works. Really odd. But yeah. It was not an issue with the app. I am sorry for wasting your time this way. It was something related to some firmware blah… whatever. It’s now fixed.

Thank you again for your time :slight_smile:

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