No Music When Opening App From Closed State Briefly

When opening the app from a closed state it takes about 10 seconds before any music appears in the app. It just states for everything “nothing exists to display”. I do not believe I had this issue in the past but not 100% sure I didn’t either. I do have 2 service providers, Navidrome which is top priority and Emby. Does library size effect load time possibly? Since the library structure is cached shouldn’t it always be there upon startup even if the app was not running?

debug.log (39.0 KB)

You seem to have a filter on only connected media center, please show screenshots / videos and more repro steps as the template asks.

Thank you, I toggled the filter you mentioned to off and it no longer has a delay. I am assuming it was attempting to connect to the provider which was the delay. I probably enabled this by accident while exploring one day, I am not even sure what it does exactly.

Thanks again

Well it should not delay but seems you have SSL issue and other things that make the host offline for a bit.

Yes, I saw that as well. I did not setup my SSL cert directly for Navidrome, maybe I will see if I can get that working. It was much easier to setup for Emby.