No connection to Plex server after IP change

My Plex server don’t has a fixed IP address because my internet provider disconnects every 24 hrs so that I get a new IP (that’s the common approach here in Germany for private accounts).

If I use web log in in my local network it stops working from the outside. If I use web login from outside it works as long as my provider gives a new IP.

I also tried the username/password+2FA connection together with my external fixed host name ( domain + custom port) but this also works only as long as IP changes again. Maybe because 2FA is no longer valid after change?

This never was a problem with Plexamp. It always got a connection somehow.

Logs: WiFi connection to plex using web login / trying to connect from outside of my network
(Logs sent by mail - Symfonium logs - 20221031_215401 / 20221031_215145)

Hum your oauth token seems to expire preventing Symfonium to ask the new IP.

Is it a email account or some google/FB account? Do you have some special security settings activated ?

It’s an email account. I use 2FA and a custom port.

Can you provide logs when you add the provider? And screenshots of the connection process to see what is different in your case?

Log file and screenshot sent.

[Support] Symfonium logs - 20221101_103759

Ok thanks, so for an unknown reason your server does not support the oauth token but requires a new token. That new token no more have permissions on so can’t get the new IP.

I’ll need to keep both tokens, will try to find a way to do that.

Ok should be fixed in next version.