No album art when connected to Emby server

Issue description:

When using the latest version of Symfonium with the latest version of Emby (, I’m not seeing any album art within the app.

I do see the album artist pictures and the album art when looking at the most popular numbers of an album artist (“Top nummers” in Dutch).

Last week I also did some testing, and I didn’t experience this issue with Jellyfin 10.8.13.


Upload description: During the the collection of these logs, I added my Emby server to Symfonium, and scrolled through some pages.

Additional information:


  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Android 14)
  • Emby Server (RPM binary on openSUSE Leap)
  • Latest version of Symfonium

Reproduction steps:


  • Add Emby server to fresh installed latest version of Symfonium

Media provider:





Seems Emby changed something but strangely I’m not affected.

Did you created a new Emby instance from scratch at 4.8.1 or updated from an earlier version ?

I created a new Emby instance from scratch.

Ok I’ll add a workaround for that in next release.

As a side note Dutch translations is slowly reaching the state where it might be removed as mostly not translated.
If you have time to contribute

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Thank you!

About the translations: thanks for mentioning it. I’ll take a look at it when I’ve got some time later today or this weekend!

After auto-updating my server to, I encountered this problem too. The only way I can create album art is via local thumbnails by using the songs options (ok with singles but not if an album contains more than one file, it generates same artwork as collage of 4). I also noticed that with updated server, the sync is very sluggish (it takes too long on “preparing sync”). I’m on latest Symfonium version.

Logs: preparing-sync-taking-longer (taken during sync, album art not displayed)
2. preparing-sync-taking-longer-2
3. preparing-sync-taking-longer-3

With the Sym 9.0.0 update, have you been able to view album artwork?

@Tolriq I’m experiencing difficulties syncing album art for newly added files. While previously synced albums display the artwork correctly, the issue arises with recently added albums. Despite restarting the server and rotating files multiple times, the problem persists. This issue began after an automatic server update, and I’m currently using the latest version of Sym.

Open a proper issue with logs and details ? …