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Please add NFS support for media providers. Both Kodi and VLC support it on Android, there must be an NFS library that could be used. My NAS exposes NFS and I use it just fine from both Kodi and VLC. It would be nice to also be able to use it from Symfonium.

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Most NAS support SMB too :wink:

NFS is a complex protocol with many quircks and issues on Android, I do not want to include large native libraries for that.

And BTW this is a feature request not a support.

Oops posted in the wrong category, apologies.

Read-only NFS would be good enough, if that’s easier. Don’t need the full stack writing, locking, auth, …

Absolutely true, but many in the linux community frown upon SMB because SMB = windows and windows = bad, you know?

Semi-on-topic-personal experience:
I have vivid memories of trying to get mpv working as an external player in kodi on ubuntu, only to find out that some arch insert insult of choice here made a request to remove the capability to natively support smb paths in ffmpeg.

This led to me building ffmpeg from source to restore the functionality.
And then I found out that mpv uses a bundled version of ffmpeg so my custom built one wasn’t even used.

Which was the exact point at which I nuked the ubuntu install and simply installed windows on the HTPC, where the same smb paths have worked flawlessly ever since.
The support for smb paths in ffmpeg wasn’t even buggy or negatively affecting anything in any way. They simply removed it because they don’t like windows and claimed that it was a niche use case.

I use both NFS and SMB depending on the use case and requirements, both work just fine. I didn’t know that NFS was harder to support on android tho.

I already have NFS set up to share the media library read-only on my LAN, no auth required. I don’t want to set up Samba too, more processes on a low powered server, dealing with auth, etc.

Then mount your NFS on Android :wink: