New playlist import feature not working

Issue description:

The new playlist import in 6.0.0B1 is not working for me.

This is my music folder structure:
Mp3\English\Some Genre\Some Artist\Some Album\file.mp3

The playlists are located in this structure

All tracks are using relative paths.

When I select the import option I get the message:
“No playlist content to import”

Attaching logs and one m3u file.

Logs: (2.5 KB)

Additional information:

My m3u playlists use backslashes as folder separator (the default for windows), but I also tried with forward slashes but I got the same result.

I suggested this feature since I’ve been using it with other apps, and I tested this same structure and files with other apps and all the playlists were imported with no issues.

Yes in B1 … and \ are not supported should be ok in B2.