New option in Additional or Second Additional song information in lists

Feature description:

I’d like to suggest a new feature related to Additional or Second Additional song information in lists available under Media lists setting. Currently, we have various individual display options, from Duration to Codec and bitrate/quality. There are separate options of Codec and Bitrate/quality and there’s also a combined display option that shows both Codec and bitrate/quality together.

Similarly, I propose adding a new combined display option that shows both Favourite and Play count. This would be a user-selectable option to accommodate any concerns about screen space. If there’s a concern about screen space, then this feature could function as a hybrid option, which would be a practical way to display either Favourite status or Play count, depending on whether the song is marked as a favourite. With this, if a song is marked as a favourite, the Favourite status would be displayed and if not, the Play count would be shown instead.

Problem solved:

This would be an extra option for users who like to view the favourite status and/or play count at glance.

Brought benefits:

While it’s straightforward to see the play count for single releases, accessing this information for each track in an album containing more than one track requires navigating to the details page, which isn’t as convenient.

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Sorry but why this very specific combination and not some other or some other or some others ? :slight_smile:

It’s not possible to covers thousands of combinations, the 2 current options already covers most cases.

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It’s just what I like. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I choose the duration as the first option and favorite as the second, it becomes challenging to quickly see the play count for an album with multiple tracks. If I swap one thing, I’ll have to give up something else.

Proposing can be quite straightforward, all it takes are a few keystrokes. In reality, work can be quite different and challenging. I’m grateful for your time and input.