New Android auto feature 7.2B2 add favorites radio shortcut

Feature description:


IS it possible to add radio on the New screen personnalisation for Android auto.

Problem solved:

I use to listen radio through synfonium app

Brought benefits:

Would easier to choice which one i want to listen

Other application solutions:

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Additional description and context:

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Screenshots / Mockup:


It’s already there Library / Internet Radio.

That’s not m’y request

What i will liké IS having a shortcut like this

In order to not have to go in library / radio and then the list if radios

Put the library tab as the first one ?

Or you want a new favorite radio in the favorite tab, you could try to take some time to better explain your need.

Yes , i will take some photos tomorrow

So , after having a look at this New Android auto tab , i would liké to have radios in welcome screen

Like in this one

The radio is already in the library tab as said there’s no need to duplicate.

IS a tab possible, here, at thé moment , i have to make 4 click to get m’y radios

Thx for adding it in New version