Navidrome scan works but tracks missing

Issue description:

  • Added my navidrome server
  • Tried to sync, worked but in each album, only a few tracks are present
  • Using Plex works fine, using Substreamer works fine
  • Compatibility mode made it work but takes forever, navidrome is supposed to be faster and work better with large libraries


---- Technical details, please do not remove ----
Symfonium: 1.11.0-712 Android: 13 - 33 [arm64-v8a]
Device: google - Pixel 7 [panther - panther]


Additional information:

You have files bigger than 2Gb causing sync issues it’s addressed in next release already.

Should be published soon when Google accept it.

Ah, the ol’ Google release cycle. I read this in another thread and thought it might have already been fixed. Thanks!